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Laser Treatment for the skin

Laser skin treatment

your search for smooth, beautiful and young skin ends here. Laser treatment is a modern technique that will bring back your flawless skin in a very short time.

We all want smooth and beautiful skin. But wrinkles occur with age, or patches appear with exposure to the sun, or the skin may be ravaged by pimples and acne. Sometimes the flaws may be congenital, that is, from birth.

A laser is a beam of intense light that can be precisely guided to remove skin cells that have been damaged or deteriorated. It is a process that is like peeling away slowly the blemishes and the fresh skin that emerges is smooth and without flaws. The process is also called laser skin rejuvenation as it rejuvenates the hidden layer of skin that emerges as a younger and smoother layer.

Laser skin surgery is a short procedure: you do not have to stay long at the clinic. Usually, it takes about half an hour for removing a few blemishes or wrinkles. Full-face treatment takes longer, up to 2 hours. The procedure is done by trained surgeons so that you do not have any problems. Local anaesthesia is used so that you don’t feel any pain.

After Treatment Care

As new skin emerges after the laser treatment, it will be tender. A bandage is used to protect the tender skin and it must be kept on for 24 hours. An antibiotic cream is prescribed applied for quick healing and to prevent infections. The treated areas must be cleaned several times per day, and patients can do this on their own with cotton.

Usually there is pain, and patients do report an itch or a pinching feeling on the treated skin. This is because of the healing process and the itch reduces within a few days. Sometimes the treated areas may swell a little but that is natural. The surgeon usually prescribes anti-inflammatory medicines to reduce the swelling and it goes away in a day or two. You will be perfectly all right after about a week when the pain or itching or swelling subsides.

The new skin that you will have now is young, smooth and beautiful. After about a week you apply make-up and sunscreen. Do ask your doctor for the kind of products that must be used so as not to harm the new skin layer.

Preparing for Laser Treatment

Most people can get their skin flaws removed through laser treatment. But before you take a decision, take expert advice from our doctors who can guide you best about your personal condition. Seek an appointment and a doctor will examine your skin and guide you on the best course of action.

You will have to take certain precautions before you go in for laser skin treatment. Your doctor will be able to guide you on the medicines you need to avoid, and other precautions. For instance, if you have blisters in your mouth, do tell the doctor before hand. Similarly, if you are allergic to certain medicines, your doctor must know about those. Smoking should also be given up at least for two weeks before treatment.

This is a medical procedure in which the damaged layers of skin cells are removed. The new skin that emerges is raw and tender, so it can attract infections. If you touch the new skin, lines or scars may be left. You will have to take a few precautions just as you would in any medical procedure. Your surgeon will guide you on the things that you have to do and those that you have to avoid, so that flawless skin stays with you for years.

We ensure that our surgeons are highly experienced and that you are not exposed to unnecessary risks. We follow the best procedures with sterilised instruments and take all precautions to have zero infections. Our clinics do the laser treatments at minimal risk to the patient.

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