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Skin whitening

Ever looked at film stars and celebrities and admired their fair and flawless skin? Ever wished that such a skin could be yours?

The appearance of one’s skin is the first thing that people notice. A smooth and beautiful skin helps build confidence in facing the world.

Beautiful skin is within your reach now. Skin whitening products and treatments are easily available now and can help you get the skin tones that you always wanted.

Skin whitening treatments consist of reducing the melanin component in the skin. It is a natural chemical produced by melanocytes, which are cells in the human body. Melanin protects the skin by absorbing the ultraviolet (UV) light that we are exposed to due to sunlight. The melanin thus helps protect the skin against damage caused by sun rays. Risks of wrinkles, aging and patches are therefore reduced, as well as the risk of skin cancer, which results due to over exposure to UV rays. People from the equatorial areas with greater sun exposure have generally darker skins than people living in tropics.

Remedies for skin whitening

A number of skin whitening remedies are available for skin whitening. These consist of:

Indian culture is full of treatments for the skin. A paste of turmeric (haldi), sandalwood (chandan), honey and milk or curd is applied for smoother and fairer skin. Such remedies are also known to be helpful in treatment of skin marks, acne and wrinkles.

Alternately, people use cosmetic preparations such as creams and lotions for fair skin, These are available easily in the market. Such creams consist of bleaching creams and fairness lotions. The ingredients in these creams reduce the production of melanin which gives a fair look for the person. These skin creams are widely advertised and are extremely popular in India. Today, skin whitening products combine other benefits like moisturising or cleansing properties, which provides all-in-one beauty treatments. The products are also very cost effective and are much cheaper than treatments.


Effective skin whitening treatments consist of the following:

Cosmetic Preparations: After home remedies, people generally use cosmetic preparations that are easily available in the market. By reducing the melanin in the skin, they help to lighten the skin.

While the products are usually safe, you can still seek the advice of a dermatologist to recommend a product that is best suited for your skin. This will also help you avoid allergic reactions if you cannot tolerate certain components. Usually, it takes 2-3 weeks for the effects of skin whitening creams to show, so consumers must be patient and use them regularly. As mentioned above, in combination with other additives, such skin whitening products also help to moisturise and cleanse the skin, giving you a smooth, young skin. Combined with anti-wrinkle components, a fairness cream will remove your wrinkles while also helping to reduce dark spots.

Peels and face masks: Chemical peels and face masks are the next option, and these are also easily available in the market. These do-it-yourself masks are applied directly on the face, left for a while, and then peeled off gently, cleansing and leaving behind great looking skin. These masks are also safe to use. Masks work by cleaning the top layer of the skin and removes patches and dark spots. Old skin is removed gently by the peel, and gradually a new layer of skin is generated, which has a lighter skin tone than before.

Dermabrasion: You can go for dermabrasion treatment to remove the top layer of the skin, consisting of dead cells. This is a safe procedure and is performed by dermatologists. It exfoliates the skin and helps in removing acne as well. As the dead skin is removed, a new layer forms and provides a beautiful and smoother, firmer skin.

By using these methods, or laser treatments which we have also described, you can get beautiful, fair skin. It will add confidence to you and you will get compliments all around. Above all, you will look younger and smarter.

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